The proof of completion of PROFNIT are validated nationally by FORTEC through the issuance of SEAL OF AUTHENTICITY which is affixed on the back of the diploma.

Check the authenticity: List of Authenticity stamps issued (coming soon).

The PROFNIT Course Completion Works (TCCs) can be found in Publications.

According to National Academic Standards, the TCCs comply with Art. 24 of the National regiment of PROFNIT, and the minimum technical and scientific production consists of one or more of the following items:

  • Elaboration and forwarding of applications for intellectual property records, as well as deposit of free software in a recognized repository or obtaining alternative or flexible licenses for intellectual production, provided that it is demonstrated by the use by the academic community or by the productive sector;
  • Construction of technical-scientific database;
  • Development of instructional and instructional materials and applications and materials, processes and techniques;
  • Development of social technologies;
  • Production of media programs;
  • Elaboration of technical reports with rules of secrecy; manuals of technical operation, experimental protocol or technological adequacy;
  • Preparation of reports related to the proposition or evaluation of institutional or public programs, projects and policies;
  • Elaboration of technical operation manuals, experimental or application protocol or technological adequacy;
  • Elaboration of technological innovation projects; application project or technological adequacy;
  • Development of innovation management processes;
  • Prototypes for development of specific equipment and products;
  • Curation of biological collections;
  • Publishing;
  • Elaboration of original articles and technological publications.

A dissertation may also be written, but it can not be a single item.

As for the bibliographic production, it must attend to the following cases:

  • if the product of the TCC is ONLY original articles and technological publications, the manuscript must be submitted to a journal with QUALIS CAPES at least B1 ;
  • if there is another TCC product other than original articles and technological publications, an article should be submitted to a journal with QUALIS CAPES at least B3 .