About ProspeCT&I

The I ProspeCT & I (2011) occurred with 213 participants from 42 organizations from 18 states (AL, BA, CE, DF, ES, GO, MG, PA, PR, PB, PE, PI, RJ, RN, SP, SE), 3 participants from Portugal, 1 from the USA and 1 from Spain. This first edition allowed the improvement of the tools and competences of the human resources that work in NIT and the actors of the local systems of innovation in technological prospecting, technology transfer, valuation and contract elaboration through the mini-courses hand-in-the-mass with didactic material in Portuguese. It also allowed for the expansion and reinforcement of public-private partnerships based on concrete indicators of technological management and negotiation models with the presence of Petrobras, Embrapa, SENAI Nacional (Observatory), INPI, foreign guests (Univ. Portuguese Technical University, FININVENTA, COTEC Portugal, Science Technology / USA, Triz / Spain, and Parque Tecnológico de Salvador and PADETEC Ceará).

The II ProspeCT & I (2012) had 294 registered participants and 93 organizations from 16 states (AL, BA, CE, DF, ES, MG, PB, PE, PR, RJ, RN, RS, SE) . It also had 6 countries with 10 international participants (03 from Portugal, 02 from Spain, 01 from France, 01 from India, 01 from Argentina and 02 from USA), with 59 papers presented. Its main contribution was the launch of the Industrial Property Portfolio 2012 (NIT-NE and RENORBIO Network) and the rounds of negotiations by business sector.

The III ProspeCT & I (2013) had 235 participants and 90 participating organizations, with 58 papers presented. At the time, the 2013 Industrial Property Portfolio (NIT-NE and RENORBIO Network) was launched and negotiation rounds were organized by business sector.

The IV ProspeCT & I (2014) was held in association with ENAPID, due to the fact that this year there were international events in the country, such as the World Cup, which caused difficulties regarding the place available, dates, holidays related to the Games, among others. In addition, INPI was undergoing an exchange of President and with a strong budget constraint. ProspeCT & I aimed to increase its capillarization in the national territory. Therefore, with the expectation of creating synergy between complementary events, the INPI Academy, in partnership with the NIT-NE Network, decided to hold the events together. It was held in Salvador, attended by international experts from Germany, India and Spain funded by the INPI / WIPO Fund in Trust, with 395 registered participants and 127 participating organizations, with 118 papers presented.

The V ProspeCT & I (2015) was held in association with ENAPID, due to the INPI being still undergoing a change of President and with a strong budget constraint and having been considered important to maintain the synergy between events. It counted on experts from Portugal, Spain and the United States, who dealt respectively with indicators related to the use of patent information, strategic management of innovative processes and mining techniques. The inauguration of the INPI’s new President took place during the event, in Rio de Janeiro, with 268 registered participants and 94 participating organizations, with 55 papers presented.

The VI ProspeCT & I (2016) was held in association with ENAPID, due to the INPI being still under a severe budget constraint and having been considered important to maintain the synergy between events. In Florianópolis, as a strategy to bring the events that are traditional from Rio de Janeiro and the Northeastern states, to another region of the country, in the case of the South Region, there were 325 registered participants and 132 participating organizations, with 66 papers presented.

In 2017, in a joint agreement in Feb / 17, during a meeting with the INPI President held in Rio de Janeiro, it was decided to separate the events, with ProspeCT & I being in Salvador in August and ENAPID in Rio de Janeiro in September, aiming to increase the Impact on national mobilization and articulation of society in the topics of interest.

On May 29, 2017, at the 33rd meeting of the Nativo Academic Commission (CAN) and the 31st Meeting of Focal Points, it was unanimously decided that ProspeCT & I will become the national and international event of PROFNIT, when the regular face-to- Will be viewed via the web (Youtube channel of PROFNIT).

The VII ProspeCT & I (2017) was already held as the International Congress of PROFNIT, thus reinforcing its aspect of dissemination of culture and good practices of innovation, entrepreneurship and social technologies, favoring intensely the exchange between researchers at the regional, national and international levels. ISEG / UL / Portugal and INPI / Portugal were invited and accepted to form the Organizing Committee of this international event.

PROFINIT / FORTEC and ISEG promoted the VIII International ProspeCT&I 2018 – II International Congress of PROFNIT, reinforcing the dissemination of the culture and good practices of innovation, entrepreneurship and social technologies, favoring intensely the exchange between researchers at the regional, national and international levels, organized by PROFNIT / FORTEC and ISEG / UL / Portugal. As a satellite event, the XV Brazil-Portugal Seminar on Internationalization of Enterprises, Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Digital Transformation took place. It was held in Maceió, attended by international experts from Brazil and Portugal, with more than 400 participants, of which 363 were registered from 129 organizations in the government (38), business (19), academic sector (71), and an NGO , from 68 cities in 24 Brazilian states, show the national character of the event and the triple helix character, 3 invited conferences, 41 invited talks, 158 oral works in the form of pitches, 3 meetings of articulation, 1 Meeting of Focal Points PROFNIT / FORTEC, 3 technical visits, V Workshop Tech Mining and Innovation, V Meeting of Post-Graduations in PI & TT and Innovation, 10 Hand-on-Mass Workshops and launch of the PROFNIT / FORTEC Collection and other books.


Year Participants Oral presentations Organizations Local
I ProspeCT&I 2011 213 59 42 Salvador, BA
II ProspeCT&I 2012 294 59 93 Salvador, BA
III ProspeCT&I 2013 235 58 90 Salvador, BA
IV ProspeCT&I 2014 395 118 127 Salvador, BA
V ProspeCT&I 2015 268 55 94 Rio de Janeiro, RJ
VI ProspeCT&I 2016 325 66 132 Florianópolis, SC
VII ProspeCT&I 2017  302  135  107 Salvador, BA
VIII ProspeCT&I 2019 363 158 129 Maceió, AL

With [ISSN 1983-1358 print; 2317-0026 online] (https://portalseer.ufba.br/index.php/nit)

Up to 2016, annually, about 60 manuscripts were submitted to Cadernos de Prospecção magazine, which, being within the scope, are presented as oral or panels and, in parallel, are evaluated by reviewers of the journal, through the OJS system, in blind review, aiming at their publication as articles .
The Industrial Property Portfolio of the NIT-NE & RENORBIO Network is launched annually and negotiation rounds are organized by Business Sectors.



41 workshops were held since 2007 in several capitals of the NE of Brazil with themes such as:
– Patent writing
– Training of NIT Managers
– Negotiation, Contracts and Technology Transfer
– Market research
– Business plan
– Technological Prospecting from Basic to Advanced
– Use of different software: APOL – LDSOFT, Gold Fire – TRIZ, Minesoft PatBase, Patent Insight Pro Patseer, Questel Orbit – AXONAL and Vantage Point.



It aims to articulate existing PPGs in Brazil and has been held since 2014 in association with ProspeCT & I. Have participated:

Master’s and doctorate degree from INPI (RJ)
MSc and Ph.D. from the UFS (SE)
PROFNIT professional master’s degree in national network induced by the CAPES of FORTEC with Focal Points in HEIs: IFCE, IFBA, UESC, UFAL, UFBA, UFPE, UFRJ, UFSC, UFRR, UNB and UNICENTRO: PROFNIT
Master’s degree in innovation from UFRN
Doctorate of UFMG and Innovation



It aims to improve the quality of the work through the sharing of good practices and has been carried out since 2014, in association with ProspeCT & I, and invited the best examples from Brazil and abroad.
It was suggested at Skype meeting in 2014 by the late and very dear Fernando Marro Palop.



They aim to bring together and articulate, around specific technologies and already under development with TRL2 the TRL9 the various sectors producing knowledge with the productive sector and the financier of innovation, has been realized since 2011 associated with ProspeCT & I. The negotiations provide opportunities to transfer knowledge to society and research topics that meet specific demands of society and productive arrangements of international, national, regional or local scope, articulating and integrating professional training with demanding entities from different sectors of society . They foster improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness of technological innovation and competitiveness.