Management Council (CG – Conselho Gestor)

FORTEC Association representative at CAPES (President)
– Josealdo Tonholo
MEC – Brazilian Ministry of Education
– To be indicated
MCTIC – Brazilian Ministry of Science Technology Innovations and Communications
– Francisco Silveira dos Santos (holder) and Antenor Cesar Vanderlei Correa (Alternate)
PROFNIT Academic Headquarters
– Alejandro Frery  (holder) e Eliana Almeida ( (Alternate)
National Academic Coordinator
– Cristina M. Quintella
CNI – Brazilian National Confederation of Industry
– Marcelo Fabrício Prim (holder) and Rosangela M. C. F. de Oliveira (Aternate)
ANPROTEC – Brazilian Association of Science Parks and Business Incubators
– Renato de Aquino Faria Nunes (holder) and Francilene Procópio Garcia (Alternate)
SEBRAE – Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service
– Célio Cabral de Sousa Júnior (holder) and Paulo Roberto de Melo Volker (Alternate)


National Academic Committee (CAN)

National Academic Coordinator (President)
– Cristina M. Quintella
FORTEC Representative
– Maria das Graças Ferraz Bezerra
Faculty representatives
– Gesil Sampaio Amarante Segundo (holder)
– Irineu Afonso Frey (holder)
– Núbia Moura Ribeiro (alternate)
– Flávia Lima do Carmo (alternate)
Coordinator of the Academic Headquarters
– Josealdo Tonholo
Presidents of national technical coordinations
– Concepts and Applications of Intellectual Property (IP): Wagna Piler Carvalho dos Santos (holder) and Pierre Barnabé (alternate)
– Concepts and Applications of Technology Transfer (TT): Técia Vieira Carvalho (holder) and Grace Ferreira Ghesti (alternate)
– Technology Forecast and Foresight: Ricardo Carvalho Rodrigues (holder) and Núbia Moura Ribeiro (alternate)
– Methodology of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Research: Glória Maria Marinho Silva Sampaio (holder) and Maria Hosana Conceição (alternate)
– Public Policies of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Brazilian State: Edilson Pedro (holder) and Gesil S. Amarante Segundo (alternate)
– PROFNIT Master Project Seminary: Samira Abdallah Hanna (holder) and Paulo Gustavo Barboni Dantas Nascimento (alternate)
Student Representative
– Camila Lisdalia Dantas Ferreira (holder) e Fábio Araujo do Nascimento Teixeira (alternate)


Academic Headquarters

One of the Focal Points is chosen as Academic Headquarters.
Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) was the initial Academic Headquarters from 2014-2016. Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL) is the Academic Headquarters since 2016.
The Headquarters must contribute with its experience of typical procedures and actions, insert FORTEC in the usual routines of the Post Graduate Programs and in the articulation and stimulus actions of the Postgraduate Division, in addition to providing the basic infrastructure for the Secretary of the Academic Headquarters of PROFNIT.