Curricula Matrix

Mandatory Sujects

Semester 1
9 credits
Concepts and Applications of Intellectual Property (IP) 3 credits
Methodology of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Research (MET) 3 credits
Technologic Prospection (Forcast, Forsight, etc.) (PROSP) 3 credits
Semester 2
8 credits
 Concepts and Applications of Technology Transfer (TT) 3 credits
 Public Policies of Science, Technology and Innovation and the Brazilian State (POL) 3 credits
PROFNIT Master Project Seminar (SEM) 2 credits
Semester 3
8 credits
Optional Subject 3 credits
Optional Subject 3 credits
Integrating Seminar 1 credits
Qualification Exam 1 credits
Semester 4
9 credits
Professional Internship 6 credits
Course Completion Work 1 credits
Defense of Course Completion Work 3 credits

Optional Subjects

Name Credits
Scientific and Technological Indicators 3
Projects in Science, Technology and Innovation 3
Technological Research: Qualitative and Quantitative / Statistics Applied to IP&TT 3
Geographical Indications and Collective Brands 3
Intellectual Property and its aspects in Biotechnology, Drugs and Health 3
Intellectual Property in Food and Chemical Industries 3
Intellectual Property in Engineering and Technology of Information and Communication 3
Intellectual Property in Agro Business 3
Management of Technology Transfer in Innovation Environments 3
Systemic Evaluation of IP&TT 3
Negotiation, Contracts and Formalization of Technology Transfer 3
Entrepreneurship in Technology Sectors 3
Innovation Environments and their Systemic Interactions 3