III ProspeCT&I 2013

III ProspeCT&I 2013
III Brazilian Congress of Technological Forecast and Foresight

Technological Prospecting, its improvement and its practice, rounds of negotiation and the consequent transfer of technology.

NITs and the strategic vision of C & T & I optimizing the contribution to long term policies, decision making processes (business, government and technological roadmaps).

Held from 11 to 14 November 2013 at the Hotel Fiesta, Salvador, Bahia

The III ProspeCTI 2013 – III Brazilian Congress of Technological Prospecting took place in Salvador, from November 11 to 14, 2013 with 235 participants from 67 institutions, from 13 states (AL, BA, CE, DF, ES, MA, PB, PE; PI, RJ, RN, SE, SP), 03 international participants (02 from the UK and 01 from the USA).

The III ProspeCT & I 2013 allowed the improvement of the tools and competences of NITs and SLIs in technology prospecting, Technology Transfer (TT), valuation and contracts (96h in 7 workshops, 4h of Technological Prospecting Software workshops, 31 Prospecting presentations in Round Table, success stories in 6 invited lectures, etc.) with teaching material in Portuguese, and expansion and reinforcement of public-private partnerships based on concrete indicators of technology management and negotiation models with the presence of SETEC / MCTI, PETROBRAS, CRISTÁLIA, EMBRAPI, EMBRAPA, SECTTI – ES, FAPESB, FIOCRUZ, ECT, INPI, BRAZILIAN SEA, Technology Park of Salvador and PADETEC Ceará).

There were, among others:

– Oral presentation of 31 works and 26 panels, allowing to evaluate the degree of maturation of the technologies, besides identifying partners for future technological development and innovation.
– Publication of 57 articles in the journal Cadernos de Prospecção (ISSN 1983-1358).
– Launch of CAPACITE books – Examples of Technological Innovation (ISBN 978-85-7822-294-9).
– Launch of the Third Edition of the IP Portfolio.