IV ProspeCT&I 2014

IV ProspeCT&I 2014 – – IV Congress of Technological Forecast and Foresight

Concomitant Event:
VII ENAPID – VII Academic Meeting on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development

Associated Events:
II WPI – Intellectual Property Workshop
I Workshop on Tech Mining and Innovation
I Meeting of Postgraduate Courses in Intellectual Property and Innovation

The event aimed to promote technology-based innovation through intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer (TT) that leads to development and entrepreneurship at the local, regional, national and international levels in the various areas of knowledge.
Impact directly on the Strategic Goals of the CTI PAC, Brazil Maior and its Strategies.
In 2014, exceptionally, two national events were held together:
=> VII ENAPID 2014 of the Academy of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI)
=> IV ProspeCT & I 2014 of the NIT-NE Network
In addition, there were:
– I Meeting of the Graduate Programs in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Technological Innovation and Development.
– I Brazilian Forum of Data Science, Tech Mining and Innovation (3rd fair, from 9am to 6pm).
– II WPI 2014 of the PPG in Intellectual Property Science (UFS)
– Local Innovation Systems Planning.