National Subjects Assessment

The National Subject Assessment (AV2) consistes on a National Test worth a significant percentage of the PROFNIT Student Note.
The Procedures and Academic Calendar of the AV2 are defined by the National Coordinations of Subjects and endorsed by the National Academic Commission (CAN).
The preparation of the AV2 is the responsibility of the National Coordination of Subject.
The application of the AV2 and its local procedures is the responsibility of the Institutional Responsible for Subject and must respect and support the National Coordination of Discipline, putting into practice what is determined nationally.

As of April 14, 2018, the system began to be used, according to the National regiment performing, for the Proficiency Assessment in English.

More details can be found in the National Regiment, in the National Academic Standards and in the Minutes of the National Academic Commission (CAN).

AV2 Reviews

Fill in once for each request ( link available according with the National Academic Calendar).

AV2 Memory

Please check the page in Portuguese has all the AV2 Tests, Results and Templates.