PROFNIT® is a Post-Graduate Program in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation, stricto sensu, face-to-face course to improve professionals skils of human resources for the Technological Transfer Offices and Innovation Environments – TTOs (NITs – Núcleos de Inovação Tecnológica) belonging to the various sectors (academic, business, governmental, social organizations, mixed sectors, etc. ).

It is a face-to-face program of FORTEC (, in a national network of Focal Points, with Academic Headquarters at one of the focal points, offered to graduates who work in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer and Technological Innovation within the (NITs), members of teams of Science and Technology Institutions (ICTs), as well as in other related instances of the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI).

Students do not pay tuition fees and teachers do not receive additional pro-labore, as it is a social contribution of FORTEC  (Brazilian Association of innovation and technology transfer managers and is financed by the Brazilian government as well as other organizations.

It is a social contribution of FORTEC in association with High School Institutions, training human resources as professional masters to act in the areas of Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation, such as Technology Transfer Offices, Technological Innovation Centers, Research, Development and Innovation Agencies, among other innovation environments.

PROFNIT courses are offered by a national network of Universities and Institutes (Focal Points), and students should choose one of them to attend lectures.

 The PROFNIT professional master is offered nationality in Brazil and was recommended with level 4 by the Technical and Scientific Council of Higher Education – CTC-ES of CAPES, at its 159th meeting, held on June 18 and 19, 2015.

The PROFNIT professional master is also offered to foreign students.

PROFNIT is coordinated by the Management Council (CG) and the National Academic Commission (CAN), which operate under the aegis of the Directory of  FORTEC, has a Focal Point Headquarters, and is implemented by the Institucional Academic Committees (CAIs) of the Focal Points.

Master graduates profile

In his role within the competencies of NITs, the master’s graduate must have the basic knowledge for the academic-business dialogue, being able to interact pro actively with the governmental, business and academic sectors:

  • Having knowledge of legislation and public policies related to Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer and Technological Innovation;
  • Having knowledge and being able to propose policies to stimulate the protection of creations;
  • Assessing the appropriateness of protecting the creations and their dissemination;
  • Processing applications and maintaining intellectual property titles;
  • Acting in licensing, innovation transfer and other forms of technology transfer;
  • Developing studies of technological prospecting and competitive intelligence in the field of intellectual property, in order to guide the innovation actions of the Science and Technology Institutions (ICTs);
  • Developing studies and strategies for the transfer of the innovations generated by the Institutions of Science and Technology (ICTs);
  • Promoting and monitoring the relationship of Science and Technology Institutions (ICTs) with companies;
  • Negotiating and managing the agreements of transfer of technologies from the Institutions of Science and Technology (ICTs).
  • Acting in routine activities of dialogue and of actions between academy and company interacting pro actively with the diverse sectors.