PROFNIT publications

PROFNIT brings together its teachers and society specialists that jointly produce the reference didactic material.

The strategies and basic material are elaborated jointly in the face-to-face Pedagogical Workshops of each discipline that occur periodically. Then the Editorial Board of PROFNIT articulates the teachers and other authors who continue to work articulately to produce the necessary material.

There are the following types of technical and bibliographic publications:

  • Completion of Course Work that must be a technological product with Qualis CAPES high [public access]
  • Material for short-term training [in the test phase with a pilot group of Local Innovation Agents (ALI) of SEBRAE];
  • Books prepared through Public Calls (available at;
  • Slides for content projection during classes, lesson plans, supplementary materials, and activity scripts [restricted access to PROFNIT teachers and students];
  • PROFNIT computerized management systems [made available to interested parties free of charge];
  • Other relevant publications.