Deadlines & Info

VIII ProspeCT&I – PROFNIT International Congress 

Associated events:
– Training of SISGEN / MMA
– FORTEC – NE meeting
– V Tech Mining and Innovation Workshop
– V Meeting of Postgraduate Programs in IP & TT and Innovation
– Internationalization meeting of PROFNIT: ISEG / UL / PT & PROFNIT / FORTEC / BR Chair

August 13-18, 2018, Maceió, AL, Brazil



Full papers will be preferred and confirmed in a stream, after submissions are made by the interested parties.

UP TO JUN 30, 2018 – PROFNIT TCC Highlights selected by CAI (Special Session)
Submission of summaries of the PROFNIT CBT Highlights selected by the CAI for the special session.
1. Ask your CAI if your already defended CBT was selected because it had a high impact.
2. Complete the Pitch Submission Form (click here);
3. Wait 10 days for the response email about presentation at the event.

UP TO JUN / 30/2018 – Full Works (first priority)
Submissions of full papers for complete articles in indexed journal:
1. Read the Guidelines for Authors;
2. Use the template;
3. Access the journal Cadernos de Prospecção;
4. Submit your work by choosing Section ProspeCT & I;
5. Wait 10 days for the response email about presentation at the event;
6. The work will continue to be double blind evaluated prior being accepted to be published in the journal Cadernos de Prospecção.

UP TO JUN / 201/2018 – Pitches summaries (second priority)
Submissions of summaries of pitches on intellectual property, transfer and technology and actions aimed at innovation.
1. Complete the Pitche Submission Form (click here);
2. Wait for the response email about presentation at the event. Preference will be given to the presentation of full papers and the PROFNIT CBT Highlights selected by the CAI. The Pitches summaries will then be selected and the responsible author will be informed until 15 / Jul / 2018.

UP TO JUN 30, 2018
Book Launch Requests.
The responsible should send the request by email to


If you are an author and will submit your work you have to sign up.
The inscription consists of the steps:
1 – Make your registration in the link made available (you just did!);
2 – To deposit the registration in favor of the National Forum of Managers of Innovation and Technology Transfer (CNPJ: 15.258.821 / 0001-08), Banco do Brasil, Agency: 2798-7, C / C: 40.195-1 need a ticket, please send an email to;
3 – The enrollee sends proof of payment to
4 – The organization of the event sends e-mail acknowledging receipt of the payment and effecting the registration.

Fill in your application here

Preliminary Program

Monday, Aug. 13, 18
SISGEN Hands-On Workshop
PROFNIT Editorial Board Meeting
Hands-On Workshops

Tuesday, August 14, 18
SISGEN Hands-On Workshop
PROFNIT Focal Points Meeting
Hands-On Workshops

Wednesday, August 15, 18
Lectures and round tables

Thursday, August 16, 18
Oral presentations
V TechMining and Innovation Workshop
V Meeting of the Graduate Programs in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation

Friday, August 17, 18
PROFNIT pedagogical workshops (CAA, MET, PI, PROSP)
Hands-On Workshops

Saturday, 18 / Aug / 18
Brazil-Portugal Event
PROFNIT pedagogical workshops (TT, POL)
Technical visits

Location, Lodging
It will be held in the city of Maceió, AL, Brazil.
Further details will be provided shortly.