VI ProspeCT & I 2016

VI ProspeCT & I – Congress of Technological Forecast and Foresight

Concomitant Event:
IX ENAPID – Academic Meeting on Intellectual Property, Innovation and Development

Associated Events:
III International Congress: Open innovation in the food industry
III Workshop on Tech Mining and Innovation
III Meeting of Post-Graduations in Intellectual Property and Innovation
2nd Teaching and Pedagogical Workshop of the 1st Semester Courses of PROFNIT: IP, PROSP and TT.

The joint event aims to promote technology-based innovation through intellectual property (IP) and technology transfer (TT), which leads to development and entrepreneurship at the local, regional and national levels in the various areas of knowledge. The proposed event is directly related to the Strategic Objectives of the CTI PAC, Plano Brasil Maior and its strategies.

In 2016, same strategy adopted in 2014 and 2015 was mantained, when two events with a national tradition were held: ENAPID of the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) and ProspeCT & I of the NIT-NE Network, associated to two other events, TechMining and Innovation Workshop and the Postgraduate Meeting on Intellectual Property and Technology Prospecting. This joint action aimed to increase the synergy of the two main events, since the themes are complementary. In addition, it aimed to join efforts and reduce financial costs, which resulted in the expansion of the public and the increase in the number of submitted works. The joint events counted on the participation, in 2015, of 268 people from 19 states and representing 94 public and private institutions present.

And, to contemplate a discussion that is of interest to the local reality, a meeting will be held involving the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (FIESC), more specifically, the Observatory of Industry of FIESC ( . / tags / observatorio-da-industria), the INPI and representatives of the MEI to discuss an indicator model that relates the export data of the Balance of Payments and the IP Services.

Organizers: INPI, NIT-NE Network, FORTEC, UFSC
Period: 23 / Nov / 16 – 25 / Nov / 16
Address: FIESC РRod. Admar Gonzaga, 2765 РItacorubi, Florianópolis РSC, 88034-001
Phones: +55 71 3283-6842 and +55 21 3037 3087
Website: http: //

General Programming:

22 / nov / 2016 – Morning and Afternoon – UFSC – 2nd Edition of Didactic-Pedagogical Workshops of the first semester of PROFNIT

23 / Nov / 16 – Morning – Workshops and mini courses

23 / Nov / 16 – Afternoon – Opening, Magna Conference, Lecture and Confraternization in the Warehouse Scallops

24 and 25 / Nov / 16 – Lectures, round tables, coordinated sessions and panels.